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The Khartum Skooters became a unit of Khartum Shriners on January 23, 1986, with seven founding members and Noble Bob Turnbull as the first President.  

Khartum Skooters is a family-oriented unit - that is, if the Khartum Skooters Nobles are invited to a public activity, the Khartum Skooters Ladies are assumed by the Unit to be invited as well. The Khartum Skooters have, at present, a total membership of 16, of which 15 are current riders. The unit is very active in contributing to the overall goals of Khartum Shriners in a guiding spirit of fun and fellowship. The very active participation of our riders themselves, our non-riders, and our very own and unique Khartum Skooters Cheering Squad, the Khartum Skooters Ladies, contribute to the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and “Serious Fun” of the Unit as a whole. 

Khatum Skooters is a growth unit and is at present looking for more scooter riders! If you are interested in joining Khartum Skooters or have any questions about our unit, please e-mail us at



Potentate's Welcoming Message

June 28, 2017
Welcome, Nobles, Brethren and Friends, to the exciting new website of Khartum Shriners. We are very happy to have a new look for our website. We thank you for visiting and trust that you will enjoy your visit and return every so often. We encourage you to go to our visitor's page and leave your comments about this website, Khartum Shriners, Shriners International and Shriners Hospitals for Children.
Having fun, helping kids!
Illustrious  Sir Chibu Uson


President Lorne Britton
Vice-president Joel Segal
Secretary / Treasurer Jonathan Cortes
Riding Captain Bill Porter


Lakehead Units




101 Unit President Richard Bauch
  Vice President Mike Abbott
  Director TBA
  Secretary John Stewart
  Treasurer Randy Britton
Clowns President Tony Biscardi
  Director Andy Anderson
  Secretary TBA
  Treasurer TBA
Cycos President Ed Carr
  Director Joe Skehar
  Secretary/Treasurer Grant Poulin
  Quartermaster Bob Willett
  Equipment Manager Jon Watts
Motor Patrol President Bill Hawryluk Jr
  Director Bill Hawryluk Jr
  Secretary/Treasurer TBA
  Quartermaster Kevin McDowell
Past Presidents President Mike Abbott
  Vice President Bill Davis
  Secretary Bob Foley
  Treasurer Art Stephenson
Pipe Band President TBA
  Director Jim Kingston
  Secretary/Treasurer Jim Kingston
Provost Corps President Peter Porichuk
  Vice President Blake Sutherland
  Director Ed Carr
  Secretary/Treasurer Eric Johnson

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