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Frequently Asked Quesions

Do I need to pay for my child’s medical treatment at the Shriners Children’s Hospital?

No, medical care at the Shriners Children’s Hospitals is provided based on medical need, not a family’s ability to pay.


Are all Shriners Children’s Hospitals located in the United States? Are there any located in Canada?

Most of the Shriners Children’s Hospitals are located in the United States. Due to the proximity to MB the vast majority of our MB & NW Ontario patients are treated at the Twin Cities Shriners Children’s Hospitals. We also have a Shriners Children’s Hospital in Montreal so if you are unable to travel in the US and/or your child’s condition is best treated at that hospital, we will arrange for transportation to Montreal.


What age range of children do you serve?

We provide service for children ages infant to 19.


Where can I stay if my child is at one of the Shriners hospitals?

Accommodation will be provided for you for the duration of your trip. To make these arrangements, please contact our Hospital Chairman, Don Thomson, at (204) 925- 1439 or e-mail:


Are valid Canadian passports required if we travel to the Shriners hospitals in the USA?

If travelling by air, valid passports are required for all Canadian citizens regardless of age.


If travelling by land, adults (16+) may present one of the following:


Canadian passport

Enhanced Drivers License and/or Enhanced Identification card

NEXUS card

FAST-EXPRES enrollment card

SENTRI enrollment card

Children 15 years and under travelling with a parent may present either a Canadian birth certificate or a Canadian citizenship card.


In addition, if only one parent is travelling with the child, then it may be necessary for that parent to carry a letter from a spouse or other legal authority giving permission for you to take your child for treatment out of MB / Ontario into the USA and/or any necessary custody documentation.


Do I need to bring US dollars for use during the trip?

Yes, please remember to bring US dollars with you to pay for your meals and other incidental expenses while you are in the US. While you can certainly use credit cards for many purchases there are some places that only accept cash.


Do I need to buy travel medical insurance for our trip to the US?

It is strongly recommended that you purchase travel medical insurance for your trip to the US to provide you with medical coverage for any unexpected emergencies that may occur during your trip.

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