The Pas Shrine Club

             Greetings from Northern Manitoba. Although you don't often hear from us or about us, don't let that fool you. We are a very busy "little" group.


             First of all let us tell you that The Pas, Manitoba takes great pride in being able to boast that we continue to work together as one, not-so-big, happy family with members of The Pas Shrine Club, The Pas Lodge # 124 and Opasquai Chapter #24, Order of the Eastern Star, all pitching in to nurture all of our fraternal goals.  No where is this togetherness more evident than our projects to collect aluminum cans, tabs, license plates and stamps. We draw inspiration from the periodic stories which sometimes appear in the Khartum Kronicle and now would like to share our story with you.







             While those named in this article are key to the collection of massive

amounts of cans, tabs, license plates and stamps, we would be remiss if we did not mention the fact that every member of our Masonic Family is involved in our local success story whether it's by way of the donation of a sandwich bag full of tabs or a few beer cans to raise some money to help pay for the gas for the trip to Winnipeg.


             "Many hands make light work." That's our motto. It works for us!

             Over the years our reputation as "Can Collectors" has grown and it is not uncommon to get calls from a "friend of a friend" or an "old family friend" to please come and remove HUGE stashes of pop cans-5 half ton loads in one case as they are happy to donate to a worthy cause AND clean up the back yard all at the same time.

             Another example of community interest in and commitment to the work of our group(s) is Jason, a young man from one of our group homes, who walks everywhere and over a short period of time made it his personal mission to collect tabs for us AND as pictures do not lie, you can see for yourself what a huge contribution he has made and continues to make on an

ongoing basis.

             Then there is Noble Arnold Johnson, whose creative talents not only include the designing of, but also the construction of his very own homemade "can crusher" which he installed in his garage. Here he spends hours

sorting, crushing and bagging so all is ready for delivery to Shrine House in


Noble Warren Wain collects cans, accepts calls for donations and then picks them up, donates the space in his back yard for a collection spot and usually is the one who gets to transport the entire finished accumulation to Winnipeg Warren is assisted in his work by Brother Liel Martinuson-who is the "tab" master and Noble Ted Green, jack of all needs.

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